Today's Devotional Thought

October 31, 2019, By Rachel Piferi

Every now and then, I get this overwhelming reminder of the power of God. Sometimes it comes very powerfully when I hear someone's testimony or when I hear good teaching from one our leading Bible Study teachers or when I hear a song.

But, every now and then, God just whispers it to me out of the blue. No prompting. No event associated with it. Just a quiet reminder of His awesome power to save, heal, restore, and strengthen.

That very thing happened this morning as I was getting ready.

I was in my bathroom and was putting on my make-up. It was a rare moment of silence for this mother of three. I chose not to have any music or television on so I could just get ready in silence. There was no one asking me where their shoes were or if I would make them a bagel or if I would sign a permission slip. It was quiet and it was so nice.

I started thinking about my plans for the day and what I wanted to accomplish in it. Then, my mind drifted to everything going on in my life and the lives of those I love. Big things. Little things. Happy things. Sad things. I had this chain of thoughts going through my mind and then I started settling on the pressing things facing myself and the ones that I love dearly. The struggles. The hurts. The growth opportunities. And, the places God needs to work.

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