Today's Devotional Thought

December 19, 2018, By Rachel Piferi

Yesterday, we sat still a little bit in the precious relationship of Elizabeth and Mary. And it is so sweet to see these two women encouraging each other and loving each other through a challenging time. But one thing I want to pause on today is what Scripture shares of their interaction. In Luke 1, we see Elizabeth doing a fairly simple thing: she encouraged Mary's calling. She encouraged her believing.

How often when we are in a season of hardship or a new assignment do we just need someone to believe? Someone to speak that they believe in what God has called us to do? That they believe God for us?

I know in my life, I sometimes have struggled to truly believe when God was calling me to do something new. I have wanted to believe and I have sought out God so that I could believe, but in certain seasons, I have just struggled to hold fast to my belief that God knew what He was doing or that things were truly going to turn out well.

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