Today's Devotional Thought

June 11, 2018, By Wendy Foreman

I've entered a new season in life. Last Saturday (June 2nd) my baby girl married the man of her dreams. It was the most perfect day. She looked stunning in her wedding dress and the venue was incredible. Her dad married them and I sat and watched with tears in my eyes at how special of a moment I was witnessing. We laughed, cried tears of joy, took pictures, ate good food and danced the night away. At one point I stepped back and watched my girl as she danced with her new husband and I knew in front of me I was seeing years of prayer answered. The smile on her face said it all. She was so happy and in love.

Her new husband is everything I prayed for for her. The last year as we have been preparing for the wedding I have spent a lot of time around him. I've watched him so tenderly watch out for her, support her in her decisions, take charge when needed (which is hard since my daughter is a genuine redhead...LOL). He has such a sweet calmness, but in control, way about him and my daughter needs that. I am so amazed at how faithful God has been. I know that God is always faithful, but it seems trusting him with our children is one of the hardest areas. My daughter has had many struggles in the last 10 years of her life and I have spent hours on my knees in prayer pleading with God at times. In His timing, He always answered in ways that were without a doubt Him. I will say those answers weren't always what I wanted, but they were always what she needed to grow, develop and to learn to trust in Him.

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