Today's Devotional Thought

December 18, 2018, By Rachel Piferi

One of the things that grabs my heart most in the Christmas story is how God provides the reassurance and encouragement that Mary and Joseph needed to walk in what God was calling them to. God sends an angel to Joseph to calm his fears and give him direction. And in addition to sending an angel to Mary, God also sends her to get encouragement and from her sweet relative and friend, Elizabeth.

God knew Mary was going to need a safe place to land as she wrapped her mind around the task assigned her. And God knew she was going to need a woman also walking in her own impossible task. There's nothing sweeter than spending time with a friend when you are smack dab in the middle of an impossible situation. And both women likely received so much from the months they spent together.

If we look at the second chapter of Luke, we see that Mary hurried to see Elizabeth after the angel gives her the news that she is pregnant with the Savior. We know that this would have been a trip of about 80-100 miles to visit Elizabeth and would have taken about a week or more to get there. So, of all of the people that she could have turned to in this time, why did Mary turn to Elizabeth? What about her parents? Was there no one in her town who she could have turned to?

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