Today's Devotional Thought

June 09, 2016, By Rachel Piferi

The house was quiet. The dryer had just finished its cycle and the light melody that plays when its done was followed by a quiet stillness. The quiet actually took me by surprise as I noticed how still the house was. Everyone was out at various activities which yielded a rare moment of quiet. With three growing and active children and a husband whose office is on the second floor of our home, the house is rarely quiet.

And I sat there mesmerized by the sound of stillness. The only sound I heard was the distant sound of a lawn mower and my grandparents' clock subtly ticking from the piano.



And in a moment, I could feel my Spirit still too.

My heart, previously burdened and saddened from some recent events, began to feel calm.

Before the dryer stopped, I had been reading in Deuteronomy and praying for a variety of people and events in my life. Praying for peace in some key areas.

And as the dryer stopped and the sound of time subtly beated its drum from the piano room, the Lord's presence was overwhelming.

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